Scottsdale, Ariz., beat out Overland Park, Kan., and Bismarck, N.D., for the title of 2019 Best Place to Rent in America, according to

Considering the Mariners have already churned through 57 players — including 37 pitchers — this season, we’d have guessed Seattle.

Tweet of the Week

“If the Yankees don’t encourage individualism, how do you explain them letting CC wear so many more pinstripes than the other players?” — DLNewRoc

Show them the money

Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey — dropping a big hint that he’s not happy with his contract — arrived at training camp last week in an armored bank truck.

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott, not to be outdone, reportedly plans to show as soon as he can line up a Salvation Army kettle.

He’s a cut above

The Washington Huskies’ latest football commit: Ferndale O-lineman Geirean Hatchett.

Expect to hear the first chop-block joke in 3 … 2 … 1 …

Good seats still available

Warriors fan Trevor Laub says he sneaked into courtside seats for 29 games at Oracle Arena last season.

Or as he’s now known in the Bay Area, The Crash Brother.

No-hit alert

The Mariners are hosting Vegan Night on Aug. 6.

For one night, at least, they’ll have a good excuse if there’s no meat in the batting order.

Talking the talk

• Seattle Times sportswriter Scott Hanson, via Twitter, on taking his family to a Sounders MLS match and winding up in a particularly rowdy section: “We gave our daughter a ‘bad word pass’ for the night, so she fit right in.”

• 14-year-old Jake Lavine, to the Chicago Tribune, on why he’s not a fan of the White Sox extending their protecting netting all the way out to the foul poles: “I’m more of an old-school guy, to be honest.”

• Washington State football coach Mike Leach, to ESPN, when asked how he’d like to be remembered when his obituary is written: “Well, that’s their problem … What do I care? I’m dead.”

Watch your step

Apollo astronauts left 96 bags of human waste on the moon during their six missions there, according to NASA.

Or the equivalent of one MMA news conference.

Quote marks

• Canadian actor Simu Liu, via Twitter, on landing the lead role in Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” martial-arts film: “Hard to believe that a week ago I was just sitting at my desk in my underwear eating shrimp crackers and now… okay well I’m still doing that but I’m also a superhero.”

• Bob Molinaro in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, on Dodger Stadium set to add a statue of Sandy Koufax to join the one of Jackie Robinson unveiled in 2017, 45 years after Robinson’s death: “Koufax retired in 1966. Nobody can accuse the Dodgers of rushing into the monument business.”

• Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, on his newest assistant coach: “It is only fitting that after I served loyally for 19 years as Tim Duncan’s assistant, that he returns the favor.”

He’s throwing heat

Angels center fielder Mike Trout pegged a Dodger runner out at the plate with a 261-foot throw clocked at 98.6 mph.

Or as he prefers to call it, entrance velocity.

Legalized hooky

Students in Oregon can now take “mental health days” as excused absences, just like sick days.

Arizonans had something similar last year — better known as the Mondays following Cardinals games.

Quote, end quote

• John Breech of, after Vikings corner Holton Hill was hit with his second four-game NFL suspension in four months: “Hill called his first suspension a ‘learning experience,’ but based on the fact that he got suspended again, it’s not clear what exactly he learned.”

• Tigers outfielder Nicholas Castellanos, to reporters, on trade-deadline rumors: “Why care? I can’t control it. Why care if one day my hair is going to turn gray if I can’t control it? I don’t know if that analogy makes any sense, but it popped into my head.”

• Jim Barach of, on Dodger Stadium set to undergo a $100 million renovation: “Or they could just use that cash to sign another three pitchers.”

• Comedy writer Brad Dickson, tired of football coaches at Big Ten Media Day saying they look for “good citizens, good people” to fill their rosters: “When, in fact, you know most of these coaches would sign an escaped convict who could run a 4.3 40.”

• Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, on Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 league for ex-NBA players: “It’s called the Big3 because ‘Has-Beens On Parade’ sounded a bit harsh.”