It’s going to get hot this week, with some parts of Western Washington peaking in the 90s. But overnight lows in the 50s mean it shouldn’t be too hard to sleep.

All week, daytime highs are expected to be above normal for this time of year, according to the National Weather Service in Seattle.

By Wednesday, temperatures will have soared into the mid- to high 80s throughout much of the Puget Sound area, with places like Olympia and farther south predicted to see 90 degrees, said weather service meteorologist Kirby Cook. Farther inland, Centralia and Chehalis could see highs of 93, Cook said.

The whole West Coast could see record-breaking heat this week, with Washington, Oregon and California all predicting the hottest temperatures so far this year, according to the AccuWeather Global Weather Center.

The upcoming heat wave follows a spell of cool, unsettled weather with high-elevation snow in the Northwest.

A record-breaking heat wave is expected across the West Coast this week. (AccuWeather)
A record-breaking heat wave is expected across the West Coast this week. (AccuWeather)

“The good news is the lows will stay in the upper 50s,” which is cool enough not to impede sleep, Cook said. “I don’t see lows in the 60s where it gets uncomfortable.”

Cook said the heat-up on Monday and Tuesday will be gradual and Wednesday should be the only “really warm day.” By Thursday, an onshore flow will bring cooler temperatures, with the coastal region benefiting most.


The interior could still see temperatures in the low 80s on Thursday, Cook said. By Friday, Seattle could be in the low 80s and some other areas in the low 70s, he said, noting that the closer you are to the water, the cooler you’ll be.

Cook said it’s expected to be dry all week: The next possible hint of rain isn’t until next Tuesday, and even that doesn’t look certain.

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