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I now face significant increases in my tax liability to the federal government. The cap to the state and local tax deduction as well as the elimination of previously available deductions for home-office facilities have resulted in a vastly increased tax bill. I thought the tax changes were intended to benefit, not punish. King County residents who own property must surely feel the same.

The deduction for state and local taxes (SALT) dates back to 1913. Reversing this precedent is really a betrayal of the principle of avoiding double taxation of citizens at multiple layers of government.

My employer provides no dedicated office space for me, so I have a dedicated home office. Hence, for people in my situation, the elimination of the “Schedule A” home-office deduction is completely ridiculous and unfair.

I urge everyone to write your representatives and senators to introduce a bill that restores both the SALT deduction with no cap as well as itemized deductions, including, but not limited to, home-office utilization.

Jarmo Paukkunen, Bellevue