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If our friends north of the border conclude that selling their oil to Asia is a national priority, shouldn’t they at least do all they reasonably can to mitigate the consequences of that decision?

Shouldn’t they announce that to help minimize adverse impacts on orcas, and reduce other risks, they will route all traffic involving oil ships, whether full or empty, around the north end of Vancouver Island and from there into the Pacific? This will reduce traffic in the already crowded sea lanes that constitute the U.S./Canada border region, and take those ships and their dangerous cargoes away from the waters most frequented by the southern resident orca pods.

Yes, this would add marginally to the time for shipping the oil to Asia, and therefore to the cost, but surely this is a small price for Canada to pay as its contribution to making our region, and our planet, better places to live.

George Randels, Port Townsend