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It has long been known that President Donald Trump often just makes up what he wants to believe. Such is the case with his self-declared border crisis, where the data on illegal immigration, drug smuggling, terrorists, crime, etc., are the opposite of what the president claims, making a sham of the concept, “national emergency.”

The list of real national emergencies is long: climate change, the rapid decline and extinction of species upon which we depend, achievement gaps in education, lack of policy initiatives to provide real opportunity to minority and rural communities, the opioid epidemic, the security of elections free of foreign meddling, decaying infrastructure, stagnating wages, homelessness, to name a few.

These are real problems in desperate need of much more attention than what the president is wasting his time on at the border. Hopefully, Congress and the courts will see the president’s move for what it is and stop it.

Timothy Walsh, Seattle