Readers rant about snow berms, rave about mail carriers

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RANT While I applaud the city for its snow removal efforts and I understand what a daunting task that must be, snow plow drivers need to understand that accessible crosswalks aren’t ADA accessible if the plows make snow berms in front of them. It took me three lights to cross over the berms. It may seem inconsequential for someone with full mobility, but I nearly fell into the street trying to cross over them.

RAVE Readers thank the mail carriers who battled the weather, including the Bellevue carrier who delivered to a steep neighborhood during Slushapocalypse by parking at the top of the hill and making multiple sloppy, wet round trips up and down the street to deliver mail and packages to each set of mailboxes, and Will, who battled snow almost up to his knees trudging up a steep, curvy hill in Lake Forest Park to deliver everyone’s mail.