Readers rave about restored Bruce Lee mural, Seattle Parks snow shelters, kindness to bus driver, saving a tree, accurate weather forecast; rant about national anthem singers, freeway merging, rule-breaking bus riders, inaccurate Sea-Tac Airport parking signs

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RAVE To my new neighbor who reached out to us when she was considering cutting a tree down on her property. We love the tree and have enjoyed it for 14 years. After meeting with us, the tree was saved. Many thanks to her and her family!

RAVE To Seattle Parks Department staff who, on short notice, created warm and welcoming shelters at Garfield Community Center and Bitter Lake for 10 days, 24/7, for people needing shelter during the snow. There were dozens of cots, three wonderful meals a day, and each guest was treated with care and respect. Also rave to volunteers who helped on-site and brought endless bags of donated food and clothing. It was all so appreciated!

RANT For electronic signs at the Sea-Tac Airport garage showing 180 spaces available in one direction and 60 in another. We drove every aisle and couldn’t find a spot. Why have signs if they don’t work? And why let people into the garage when it’s full?

RAVE For my sweet wife, Liz, who provided comfort to a snowbound, stranded Metro bus driver, first commiserating with the driver, then going to buy a cup of tea and a doughnut to bring to her. A few tears were shed by the operator as she enjoyed the cup of sweet tea.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to Metro and Sound Transit drivers who ignore what’s happening on their buses, not giving audible warnings to people talking on speakerphone, listening to videos/music without headphones, or starting arguments, making riding the bus nerve-wracking. Rave to Metro and Sound Transit drivers who honor bus rules and play audible warnings or walk back and talk to the person face-to-face. Their dedication to making sure everyone has a pleasant commute makes my day.

RAVE To Seattle-area weather forecasters for so accurately predicting our recent snowfall. I thought it was laughable when they predicted snow would start falling between noon and 2 p.m., since we’re talking about Mother Nature and she’s often unpredictable. Yet on the day predicted it began to snow at 12:40 p.m. Nice work, weather forecasters!

RANT To freeway drivers who switch to the merging lane to get ahead, then squeeze back into the through lane. You’re the reason the lane is backing up further, causing more drivers to make the same stupid maneuver. Chill out and wait like the rest of us.

RANT To sporting events and all Americans who have conceded the national anthem to a performance piece. Most people at organized events don’t seem to care that they’re not invited to sing along when our national anthem is performed and, often, stylized to satisfy the singer’s interpretation.

RAVE Last month I submitted a rant about the defacing of the Bruce Lee mural in West Seattle. Now I’m happy to give a rave to the artist for repainting and retouching the mural to its former glory!